Stories about sex

Re: «Frisky Greeks second in lovemaking poll» (Kathimerini October 13, 2004). Quote: «Greeks are the second most sexually active people in the world, says an Internet survey published yesterday. They claim to have sex 133 times a year.» I am duly impressed. But, from Kathimerini on October 30, 2004, another quote («Poll: Sex eludes Greek women»): «Greek women are not having enough sex, mainly due to a dearth of suitable partners, according to a survey on female sexuality made public yesterday. (…) Some 25.4 percent said the last time they had made love was between two and five months before the poll, while 22.4 percent had been without a partner for six months to one year. For 17.4 percent, the period of abstinence had been one to two years. In the 25-34 age group, 47 percent had forgone sex for six months to two years.» Question: Who are Greek males having sex with 133 times a year? THEO SCHLAG, Eleonorastr. 31, D-45136 Essen, Germany.