October 20, 1954

PAPAGOS-FRANCO: Paris, 18 – Greek Prime Minister Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos has been received at the Prado Palace by General Franco. Field Marshal Papagos was accompanied by the foreign minister, Mr Stefanos Stefanopoulos, and Minister to the Prime Minister Georgios Rallis. (…) The Spanish head of state made the following statement: «United by a common civilization that had its cradle in your homeland, and lying on the shores of the sea where modern technology brings us ever closer together, both of us victors in parallel struggles against communism and finally, inspired by that noble spirit of soldiers fully aware of the dangers and responsibilities of the current time, we can be certain that our talks here and the strengthening of the bonds between us will bring benefits to both our peoples.» HOSTAGES: Thessaloniki, 18 – It has been announced that as of October 17, the Romanians are to hand over 450 hostages who are to arrive in Thessaloniki by ship. Meanwhile, Bulgaria is to hand over another nine hostages, five military personnel and four civilians.