Double standards

I have read Mr Pantelis Boukalas’s columns for years and I have never agreed with anything he has written. That is, until today! After reading his column, «A Bad Turn» (Oct. 19), I say «Bravo» to Mr Boukalas for his brave commentary on the issue of racism in Greece. I also find it interesting that Greeks, while so willing to have the likes of Pyros Dimas (an Albanian) carry their flag at the Olympics for years, would balk at having a young Albanian girl carry the flag on the national holiday. I guess she needs to receive a gold medal first. It all comes down to jealousy. Every year Albanians seem to top Greek students and they (Greeks) just can’t deal with it. If Greece ever truly wants to be taken seriously as a credible partner in Europe, this nonsense has to stop. Ralph Landry, Athens