October 23, 1954

CHARLES SKOURAS: Los Angeles, 22 – Greek-American movie tycoon Charles Skouras died today after a heart attack. Skouras, who was 65 years old, had been admitted to hospital a week ago. He was chairman of the board of two of the largest American cinema corporations (…). The Skouras brothers (Charles, Spyros and Georgios) worked together in the US, first buying a small cinema in St Louis. They did well until the crash of 1929, which ruined their finances. They began again from zero, eventually buying 500 movie houses around the country by 1932. PSYCHIATRIC PATIENTS ON MAKRONISOS?: The welfare minister, Mr Solomonidis, has announced that after his visit this week to the island of Makronisos with the general director of the prime minister’s Political Bureau, Gen. Alestas, a final decision has been made to establish a settlement on the island for psychiatric patients suffering from mild disorders. About 600-800 men will be housed in refurbished military barracks in order to ease crowding in the country’s psychiatric hospital. Later, some women patients may be brought to other buildings on the island.