October 27, 1954

EDEN AND CYPRUS: London, 25 – The head of the Foreign Office, Mr Anthony Eden, made a statement today on the Cyprus issue, without moving an inch from Britain’s tough stand. In accordance with which the fate of the island should not be of interest to anyone but the British Empire, which has not ceased to view it as anything but a purely domestic matter, he nevertheless took the opportunity to lower the tone by expressing the friendly sentiments of himself and the entire British Parliament toward Greece. However, he thought it prudent to refer to Turkey’s opposition to the union of Cyprus with Greece, but carefully avoided any mention of the question of self-determination. In principle, he also wanted to dispel the impression that Great Britain did not want to discuss the political regime in Cyprus with Greece. RABIES: The Animal Welfare Society announces that the Attica veterinary authority has issued a warning to every dog owner in Athens, Piraeus and all of the prefecture of Attica that the region is plagued by rabies and that they must take precautions to avert the spread of the disease from dogs to humans.