October 28, 1954

GREECE AND FOREIGNERS: (From Kathimerini’s lead article on the anniversary of «Ochi» Day and the Cyprus problem, titled «Ideas and Storms»): «As in the social columns of newspapers, the following announcement might have been published in the Government Gazette: ‘Today, October 28, Greece is neither celebrating nor receiving any visitors.’ And after politely shutting the door to foreign visitors, let it invite its extended family and celebrate its national day behind closed doors. For on October 28, 1940, we waged a struggle in defense of the paramount human virtues but received the worst of human malice: false promises, ingratitude, deceit and fraud. And, indeed, more so from friend than from foe. For when one knows his enemies, one takes guard. But how can one protect oneself when deceived by friends? However, let us not attribute the responsibility for our trials and tribulations to our friends, the English, the Americans or the French, who, while facing a large number of problems, have been found with identical views on the Cyprus issue. […] The West believes that Greece owes it its freedom. No one is afraid of losing us, no matter what happens. And this is precisely our own mistake and misfortune. […]»