October 30, 1954

PHILOSOPHY SCHOOL ENTRANTS: The rectorate of Athens University has announced the list of successful candidates who will enter the School of Philosophy for the academic year 1954-55: (…) V. Kremmydas, (…) S. Skartsis (…). POPULAR RIGHT UNIONISTS: The Athens Labor Center (EKA) has announced that over the past few days there has been much activity in preparation for workers’ strikes in the capital and that from reports sent by the heads of many branch organizations to EKA’s headquarters, it is clear that the strike movement is assured. Apparently the workers are awaiting the results of negotiations with Prime Minister Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos, ready to go on strike if the government does not fulfill its promises to bring about improvements to their lives and resolve their other problems. VIN DE SAMOS: The Trade Ministry has been informed that the French government has imposed a tax on wine imports from the island of Samos.RABIES: The Attica veterinary authority has issued a warning to dog owners that Attica is plagued by rabies and that they must take precautions to avert the spread of the disease from dogs to humans.