November 5, 1954

ELENI KATRAMOPOULOU-BISTIKA: The rectorate of the University of Athens has announced the successful candidates for entry to the School of Philosophy’s Department of English for the academic year 1954-55: (…) Eleni Katramopoulou (…) and Maria Psatha (…). ECONOMICS SCHOOL: Entrants include G. Yiannaras (…); Gerasimos Klaoudatos (…), Rallis Kopsidis (…), P. Markoglou (…), and N. Psyllakis (…). ‘STELLA’: In Athens, Michalis Cacoyannis is filming his new production «Stella,» with Melina Mercouri, Giorgos Foundas, Alekos Alexandrakis, Voula Zouboulaki, Tasso Kavvadia and Costas Kakkavas. ‘THE SOLDIER’S SHIRT’:Yesterday a collection was taken in Athens and around the country for the charity «The Soldier’s Shirt.» The public, as always, gave generously to the cause and takings are expected to be higher than the last collection in 1952, since last year the money collected went to the earthquake victims. In Athens, 2,325,000 drachmas was collected, 12,000 more than in 1952. The suburbs gave 518,000 drachmas, Piraeus 800,000 drachmas and Thessaloniki 400,000 drachmas, not including donations from organizations.