A battle long lost?

I am not surprised by the US in recognizing FYROM by its constitutional name of «Republic of Macedonia.» Greece lost that battle years ago because Greek political leaders by nature are too busy pleasing the opposition and we always come across as too eager to please rather than being more assertive. New Democracy and PASOK are both to be blamed for this debacle. Slav-Macedonians have been more active and dedicated to their cause and soon the EU will toe the American line. What is disturbing is that Greece will probably vote for Turkey to join the EU on December 17, forgetting that Turkey was one of the first countries to recognize FYROM, knowing Greek sensitivities on the issue. Most Greeks will moan and groan and debate this issue on television for a few days, they will blame America and then it will be business as usual in trying to figure out how to get concessions out of Turkey before December 17 while their planes are getting closer to Athens. At the end of the day, Greece is a political weakling with no real substance in its foreign policy. Indeed, how many Greek companies are doing profitable business in Skopje, propping up their currency…? GEORGE SALAMOURAS, Melbourne.