Time for action

It is apparent what the aim of Turkey is with regard to the Aegean and its international policies toward Greece. With the recent increasing air-space violations by the Turkish military, Turkey is sending a clear message to Greece: «We want the Aegean and Cyprus.» This puts Greece in a very awkward situation as the message is twofold: On the one hand, if Turkey is accepted into the EU, it has no intention of giving up claims to the Aegean, on the other hand, it is saying that if Greece does not give full support for its EU bid, then it should beware. This is not a message, as most people seem to think that the military still holds the power, this is clearly a strategic foreign policy by Turkey accepted at all levels of the government and military. It is now time Greece stood up for its rights. Turkey needs to be told that Greece will veto its entry into the EU unless it ceases its claims on the Aegean and also helps form a peaceful Cyprus. The USA is behind Turkey and Europe is behind Greece. The time is now right for action. With George W. Bush winning elections for the second term, he is under enormous pressure to mend international ties and allies. Now is the chance for Greece to take action and ask the USA for assistance. It will be a test for the USA and a test for the EU. KERRY KOUTSIKOS (Address withheld)