November 6, 1954

CANDIDACY OF KATSOTAS: According to political circles yesterday, cooperation between the National Progressive Center Union (EPEK), the United Democratic Left (EDA), the Democratic Party of the Working People (DKEL) and others against the leadership of the Liberals, to support joint candidates for mayor in various towns, particularly Athens, facilitates the attempt by the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) to set up a «Popular Front.» In order to bring about this cooperation, EDA has agreed to candidacies of people characterized as «nationalists,» while criticizing both the government’s domestic and foreign policy. The leader of the Liberals, Mr George Papandreou, made the following statement on the issue yesterday: «The ‘United Anti-Rally Front’ was set up in Athens yesterday, that is, the new National Liberation Front (EAM). EDA, EPEK and DKEL have as their joint candidate Gen. Pavsanias Katsotas. Therefore the major goal of the KKE has been achieved.» In addition, reliable sources among the Liberals, commenting on Katsotas’s statement that he is not a Communist, say that if he were, the KKE would not need him, since popular fronts need non-communists in order to mislead the naive.