November 8, 1954

CANDIDATE MAYORS: The following have submitted their candidacy for the municipality of Athens at an Athens court: Nikolaos Kraniotakis, A. Plytas, F. Vamvas, K. Nikiteas, P. Katsotas, D. Vramopoulos, K. Nikolopoulos, Stamatis Mercouris and Constantinos Kitsikis. ATTACK ON DOG-CATCHER: In the district of Ymittos, a 37-year-old automobile mechanic, 47-year-old A. P. and 25-year-old S. F. helped by a passer-by, laborer K. A., attacked and injured police officer K.K. and Animal Welfare Society dogcatcher D. P, who were trying to capture dogs belonging to the three assailants that were on the loose without a muzzle, even though cases of rabies have occurred in the district. HOSTAGES RELEASED: Thessaloniki, 5 – Nine Greek soldiers and a woman with her two young children arrived by train last night after being released from Bulgaria. TELEPHONES: So many years after liberation and despite a great deal of fuss being made, acquiring a telephone is still considered a major feat. Thousands of people are waiting to get a line as if this were a great luxury.