November 9, 1954

STEINBECK IN ATHENS: The famous American writer John Steinbeck arrived in Athens yesterday on board the steamship «Angelica» for a few days’ visit. Steinbeck is very well known in Greece, as a number of his novels have been translated into Greek. One of his plays, «Of Mice and Men,» adapted from the novel of the same name, was staged here three years ago at the National Theater (…). A series of articles on Steinbeck’s impressions of Russia – with a number of photographs by the famous Life magazine photojournalist Robert Kappa, who died tragically in a plane crash two years ago – were published a few years ago exclusively in Greece in Kathimerini at the same time as in other major newspapers around the world. Steinbeck now spends most of his time in Paris (…). On his visit to Greece, he is accompanied by his wife and the deputy director of the American Information Service in Rome for a two-week tour of the Greek islands. BARENBOIM: The 12-year-old pianist Daniel Barenboim is to perform at the Artist’s House on November 15 at 6.45 p.m. Known to music critics in Europe as the «Little Mozart,» Barenboim will play works by Bach, Mozart, Chopin and others.