Follow the leader?

I would like to make certain points in reference to Mr Konstandaras’s commentary on Nov. 6, 2004. Greece offended the USA repeatedly, thinking that by being a member of the EU, it had become a big player in international affairs. That attitude makes Greece irrelevant. The paranoia that engulfed the European liberal media after the elections could not but infect Greece too. It cannot stomach that the American people gave President Bush a mandate to continue his policies. Only two other presidents, Johnson and Roosevelt, were elected with a majority of votes as big as that of the Republican Party in the Nov. 2 elections. Carter, Clinton, even Truman did not get over 50 percent. The Europeans should not lose sleep wondering «what to do about President Bush.» This was decided by the American people. The only thing they must do is follow. The French in Africa are already learning the pain of trying to lead. G. SARIDIS, New York.