November 4-10, 1954

NIKOS SKALKOTTAS: New York, 1 – For the first time, the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, to be conducted by Greek composer Dimitris Mitropoulos, will play «The Greek Village» by the Greek composer Skalkottas on November 4 and 7. HOURMOUZIOS REVIEW: (From a review of the novel by Rhodis Provelengios «The Root of Myth»): «…Provelengios’s novel displays a strange atrophy of thought (…). The Communism-Anti-Communism theme is restricted to a superficial contrast; the ideological dimension is limited almost exclusively to a description of violence. The communists are either beating people up or being beaten up (…). These young people were truly seeking something (during the occupation). However, in this chronicle of their lives and times, the romantic strolls among the pine trees of Ekali, the endless discussions, youthful love affairs and disappointments, philosophical ramblings, what is missing is Greece itself. (…) If one bases one’s opinion of the bitter experience of wartime occupation on Provelengios’s new book, one would have the reassuring impression that life in Athens continued in its carefree prewar atmosphere, apart from some fighting at the university.