University of La Verne staff speak

Through this letter, the faculty and staff of the University of La Verne, Athens would like to address the public in order to protest the affrontive behavior of the University of La Verne, California which through the Athenian press denies any relationship with La Verne, Athens. The fact remains that up until the brutal termination of the relation between them, La Verne, Athens constituted a branch of La Verne, California as evidenced in a number of documents that were made available to us over time. Instead of attempting to avoid its liabilities resulting from its substantive connection with its branch in Athens, and instead of resorting to evasive pretexts and quibbling in order to deny any relationship whatsoever with us, the faculty of the Athens branch, La Verne California ought to directly assume its responsibilities, without delay. We declare that on the basis of international private legal regulations, we will go against The University of La Verne, California in order to claim, through legal means, our unpaid salaries, due severance pay, and all other remaining legal rights. REPRESENTATIVES OF LA VERNE ATHENS EMPLOYEES’ UNION.