November 13, 1954

MARKEZINIS GROUP: The ministers for coordination and finance, Mr T. Kapsalis and C. Papayiannis, as well as Deputy Minister for the Ionian Islands Romanos, have submitted their resignations to the prime minister. Mr Kapsalis has been replaced by the former Trade Minister P. Papaligouras and Mr Papayiannis by Deputy Finance Minister L. Evtaxias. Mr Spyros Markezinis and the former ministers Messrs Sifnaios and Lycourezos have written to the Parliament Presidency that they are withdrawing from the Greek Rally Party and will stay on as independent deputies. (…) Minister to the Prime Minister Georgios Rallis has released the minutes of both the Cabinet meeting as well as the text of Mr Markezinis’s speech in Parliament on November 23, 1953, which show that neither Cabinet nor Parliament had been informed of the commitments (undertaken by Mr Markezinis to the German government during his visit to Bonn). German Ambassador Theodor Kordt visited Field Marshal Papagos yesterday and then the new minister for coordination, Mr Papaligouras.