November 16, 1954

MARKEZINIS REPLIES: Mr Spyros Markezinis last night made the following statements: «I am glad that the prime minister, under the pressure of events, found it necessary to amend his previous statements at precisely this crucial point, recognizing that the Greek government is not bound by the exchange of letters (between Markezinis and the German minister Mr Erhardt). No other interpretation can be put on the announcement, particularly the phrase that the issue «is being dealt with mainly from the point of view of substance.» COUNTER-REPLY: Political commentators, referring to the above statement by Mr Markezinis, have observed that an attempt is being made to distort the prime minister’s statements. They say it is not correct that Mr Papagos recognizes that the Greek government has not committed itself. The misinterpretation is deliberate, they say. RESIGNATIONS: Up until last night, the following deputies had resigned from the Greek Rally Party: Mr Spyros Markezinis, Panayiotis Sifnaios, Pafsanias Lykourezos, C. Volivanis, N. Petridis, A. Voultsos and D. Playiannis.