November 19, 1954

MARKEZINIS-ERHARDT CASE: The (West) German National Economy Minister Ludwig Erhardt was met on arrival in Athens yesterday by about 50 Greek and foreign journalists. (…) Dr Erhardt categorically stated that through the exchange of letters between himself and the former coordination minister Mr Spyros Markezinis, the Greek government was legally and morally bound to conclude an agreement with the (West) German government on Greek radio and telecommunications, and that the commitment had been accepted by (Prime Minister) Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos, so there was no question of clarification. Dr Erhardt also replied to other questions, highlighting the friendship which West Germany feels for the Greek nation and emphasizing that economic relations between the two states should be based on mutual trust. Finally, he said he had not come to Greece to increase Germany’s political or economic influence, but for talks on pending bilateral issues, in a spirit of good cooperation. ATTACK BY WILD GOATS: Thessaloniki, 15 – According to a telegram from Komotini, a herd of 50 large wild goats entered the town and caused considerable damage to homes and stores in the central square.