November 24, 1954

KAZANTZAKIS: (From a review by E. Hourmouzios): «Rarely has a book been so maligned before it has had chance to defend itself in the minds of the reading public as Nikos Kazantzakis’s novel ‘Christ Recrucified.’ The title has given rise to all kinds of ridiculous comments. It was almost described as a satire on Christian letters, yet it is true faith that touches with devout hands the pure source of the teachings of Christ.» MINOTIS-PAXINOU: (From a review by E. Hourmouzios of Lorca’s play «The House of Bernarda Alba»): «Katina Paxinou is an actress who single-handedly bears the burden of the art of tragedy in Greece (…) The entire performance was one of the best ever in modern Greek theater. Alexis Minotis’s direction was finely tuned and ingenious; it did not try to transcend the poetry in which Lorca writes most of his dramas.» GEORGIOS MARIDAKIS: Paris, 19 – During today’s official opening of the academic year at the University of Paris, Greece was honored in the person of Georgios Maridakis, a professor of private international law and an academic, who was awarded an honorary doctorate from Paris Law School.