November 29, 1954

GEORGE PAPANDREOU: The leader of the Liberals, Mr George Papandreou, had an hour’s meeting with King Paul at the royal residence at Tatoi yesterday evening and asked that elections be called since the municipal election results and divisions within the ruling party showed that the Papagos government had lost the popular mandate. STAZIONE TERMINI: Rome, 26 – The Architectural Studies Society (…) invited Mr E. Montuori and Mr L. Calini to present the project for which they are well-known: Rome’s central station, which has become so popular that people even come to visit it on foot, while it has become a sight to see, along with the Colosseum and St Peter’s Basilica. Mr Calini first of all described the engineering challenges. When the old Bianchi station was demolished, it was decided in 1937 to construct a modern building. (…). For the ventilation and lighting of the five floors of the administrative building, the design provided for horizontal layers with windows. These alternated with sections of the wall that was faced with Travertine marble, which is what made the building beautiful.