November 30, 1954

COLLABORATOR’S TRIAL: An appeals court trying wartime collaborators yesterday discussed entering a caveat against 40-year-old final-year medical student Evangelos Smit, of Bavarian origin, who was sentenced to death in absentia for having acted as interpreter for the SS during the wartime occupation, and for arresting and torturing Greek patriots, many of whom were executed. Smit voluntarily attended the trial and entered a caveat against the ruling. COMMUNISTS’ TRIAL: The trial of M. Zacharatos, D. Dallas, G. Sakelionos, I. Domnakis, N. Petropoulos, A. Vlachou, C. Papapanou, M. Prodromidis, G. Kyriakou, D. Tsaferidis, P. Kritikos and E. Papadakis began yesterday. The accused allegedly violated Law 509 on proselytizing and attempting to overthrow the state. SOLON GHIKAS: Tomorrow afternoon the Defense Council is to convene to fill the post of Army Chief of Staff, which is to go to Lt. Gen. Ghikas. RACE WINNER: The 100-mile oceangoing yacht race last weekend was won by Glaromara, skippered by Stratis Andreadis.