November 2, 1954

G. PAPANDREOU – S. VENIZELOS: The Liberal parliamentary group met in Parliament House yesterday afternoon at the initiative of its leader Mr George Papandreou, who wanted to clarify the situation that has emerged within the party regarding its leadership, the unification of the opposition and party discipline, following a breach of the latter by certain deputies. (…) After the meeting, which lasted three hours, the following statement was released: «During today’s meeting (…) attended by the party’s honorary president Mr Sophocles Venizelos, (…) it was unanimously observed that the party leadership, as established by the party congress, has the undivided confidence of its parliamentary deputies.» (…) Mr Constantine Mitsotakis and Mr Nikolaos Krasadakis, who had taken part in the move against Mr George Papandreou, explained the reasons for their stance to date and emphasized that they followed the decisions of the party majority. CHRISTIAN ZERVOS: Rome, 1 – The recent publication by art critic Christian Zervos is truly monumental, a huge book on the prehistoric art of Sardinia.