‘Suspicious minds’ and the fight against international terrorism

I was bemused by your editorial («Full of passionate intensity» November 27) and its implied swipe at Americans, especially Greek Americans for our loss of security since the 9/11 attacks on American soil and the transformation of the world’s relationship with America, especially after the war in Iraq. Somehow you imply it’s all the USA’s fault for the state of world conflicts today. You also mention President Bush’s sharp turn to the Right domestically which has divided our country. You imply that a turn to the Right is somehow a wrong turn. Let me define a turn to the Right. It simply means that the majority of the people support less government, lower taxes, free markets, private property rights and a strong national defense. I defy you to tell me what is wrong for people anywhere in the world to yearn for those principles. In so far as the war in Iraq and the fight against terrorism (which you hardly mention) are concerned, you and the rest of Europe have the same mentality of appeasement as most of Europe had during the rise of Hitler. Most Europeans before World War II had the same passive attitude as they do now vis-a-vis Saddam Hussein and terrorism. Somehow if you appease them they will leave you alone. World War II cost the world 50 million lives and decades of suffering, especially for Europe. That, sir, is what appeasement begot you then. Europeans opposed the war in Iraq, preferring to leave a madman, who attacked his neighbors, killed and persecuted millions of his people and possessed weapons of mass destruction and the ability to attain nuclear capability. He also widely supported terrorist activities and terrorism against free nations. The wider conflict has been brought about not by the Americans, but the extremists of Islam who declared war on the West centuries ago. It wasn’t until the last few years that they have been enabled with money and mobilization to kill innocent people all over the world. We are in World War III, sir, and it’s most unfortunate that again the naive Europeans have chosen to ignore the menace of terrorism, instead blaming the United States for taking the fight to them. Winston Churchill was criticized as a «warmonger» by most Europeans when he wanted a pre-emptive strike on Hitler. The same is being said of Bush and the United States. Thank God that Bush has learned the harsh lessons of history and has declared a pre-emptive war on terrorism. It’s most unfortunate though that the same Europeans that American soldiers sacrificed their lives to free from Hitler have now turned their backs on their most important ally. We need Europe more than ever to help us in this World War III fight. Shame on you for turning your backs on America. ANTONIS MARINATOS, Jacksonville, Florida. Editor replies: No «swipe» at Americans (especially Greek Americans) was intended. The object of the commentary was to lament the suspicion with which everyone in the argument sees everyone else. Your letter supports my argument most eloquently.