December 2, 1954

CYPRIOT STRUGGLE: Rhodes, 2 – According to a telegram from Cyprus, thousands of slogans calling for union with Greece, as well as the sign: «British, get out of Greek Cyprus,» were painted on the walls of the British military headquarters and on homes and stores in towns. Thousands of proclamations against the British were tossed into the streets. The British authorities, concerned at these actions, which occurred on the first day their headquarters opened, have taken various measures. SENTENCING OF COMMUNISTS: The Athens appeals court trying the case of 12 Communist unionists charged with violating Law 509 (…) has sentenced their leader D. Dallas to 15 years and six months imprisonment and deprived him of his civil rights for 10 years. It also sentenced M. Zacharatos to five years in prison, G. Sakellionas, N. Petropoulakis, C. Papapanou and G. Kyriakou to four years each, I. Domnakis and D. Tzaferidis to two years, and, finally, Ekaterini Papadaki to one-and-a-half years. TAKIS PAPATSONIS: A royal decree has been issued authorizing the general secretary of the Finance Ministry to sign decisions, acts, orders and documents from the central services, with the exception of laws and royal decrees.