December 3, 1954

GREEK-TURKISH FRIENDSHIP: (Commentary in Kathimerini) – Yesterday’s statements by Prime Minister Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos and Foreign Minister Stefanos Stefanopoulos have put the question of Greek-Turkish friendship on its true foundation. As the postwar situation has evolved, this friendship has acquired a substantial basis in mutual consideration and confrontation of existing risks. In that sense it has been embraced by the Greek people as a whole as an essential need. To say that on their part the Turkish people have an equal regard for the usefulness of this friendship would be an exaggeration. Unfortunately, every day we have been plagued by expressions of hostility in a section of the Turkish press. We do not want to doubt that the government of our neighboring country appreciates to the utmost the need for friendship and the reasons why it should be further strengthened. So we hope that it will abandon its guarded attitude and put a stop to the activities of those who are struggling to destroy the friendly bonds between the two nations. PPC: The Public Power Corporation said that, as of yesterday, Volos is receiving electricity from the national network.