December 4, 1954

GEORGIOS I. RALLIS: The exploitation of the country’s tourism possibilities has concerned all governments since the liberation as well as all those officials with an opinion on the matter. However, this has not always been done using the best criteria. Experimentation has occurred, the results of which have not always been what they should have. The plan drafted now by Minister to the Prime Minister Mr Georgios Rallis to exploit the country’s tourism potential appears to be based on absolutely positive foundations. It also appears to justify an estimated doubling of foreign exchange revenue from tourism. However, if the industry is to be developed to the maximum, it should be subjected to a unified approach and control. This cannot happen unless it is brought under the jurisdiction of the Ministry to the Prime Minister, the only appropriate authority. MACEDONIAN QUESTION: New books: «The Macedonian Question and Soviet Policy,» by Christoforos A. Naltsas, Macedonian Studies Society Publications, Thessaloniki, 1954.