December 8, 1954

NEHRU IN FAVOR OF CYPRUS: London, 8. – Two of India’s most prominent officials, Prime Minister Pandid Nehru and Deputy Foreign Minister A. Santa, have declared their support for the right of self-determination by the Cypriot people. Their statements, despite being apparently influenced by the wrongful impression that Greece has only asked for union and not self-determination, constitute a warm declaration in favor of the freedom of the Cypriot people and a dismissal of London’s position, according to which the Cyprus problem is a purely British internal affair. India’s position in ameliorating the contradictions between East and West, as well as among the members of the British Commonwealth, bestows particular importance on its support for Cyprus and opens up new horizons of optimism regarding further developments in our national issue, despite the fact that again, this evening, the House of Commons heard the usual expressions of dismay about supposed «hate» broadcasts from Athens against Britain. Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden appeared to share the views of the questioning MPs.