December 9, 1954

CENTER-LEFT: According to opposition circles, the attempt by the honorary leader of the Liberals, Mr Sophocles Venizelos, to unite all opposition parties and groups appears to have failed. Although Mr Venizelos has not yet abandoned his efforts, he appears quite disappointed with the results of the talks and has therefore suggested the indefinite postponement of a meeting of the parliamentary group. According to the same sources, Mr Venizelos radically disagrees with the leaders of the national Progressive Center Union (EPEK) and the Democratic Party of Working People (DKEL), as their talks revealed that these two parties have taken a stand that is diametrically opposed to that taken by the other parties. Neither EPEK nor DKEL agree to participate in a unified opposition if it includes the United Democratic Left (EDA). (…) Mr Venizelos, on the other hand, rules out any participation by EDA. FREDERIKI: The leaders of the Liberals, Mr George Papandreou, and of the People’s Party, Mr Constantine Tsaldaris, were successively received by the queen this morning.