December 13, 1954

GREECE AND REST OF EUROPE: Strasbourg, December 11 – The consultative assembly of the Council of Europe today approved the Paris treaties and requested that negotiations with the Soviet Union begin promptly, without any delays to the implementation of the agreements. The decision was passed by 82 votes to seven, with 14 abstentions. (…) The latter included the delegates of Greece. In explanation for his abstention, the Greek delegate and Greek Rally party deputy, Mr Stamatios Mercouris, said that he enthusiastically welcomed the treaties of London and Paris as they strengthened the security of Europe, but that he and the other Greek delegates would abstain from the vote due to the fact that Greece is not a member of the union of Western Europe, although it was ready to join if invited. ‘THE REVOLUTIONARY’: The wonderful as well as instructive novel by Ioannis A. Kontos, «The Revolutionary,» has been judged by all the experts as the best present for Christmas this year. It is on sale at all the bookshops at a price of 25 drachmas.