December 15, 1954

GREECE, SMALL AND ALONE: United Nations, New York, 14 – (From our correspondent): The UN Political Committee began a debate of the Cypriot question this morning. A critical debate is now under way to deal with an attempt by the colonial forces to suppress the demand for Cypriot freedom. This move has come from New Zealand, whose soldiers the Greeks hid during the war, risking their own lives and who, forced by the Germans to leave, were showered with rose petals by Greek girls in the bloodiest spring in Greek history. It is Greece’s fate once more to bear the banner of liberty in the face of a holy alliance of great powers, unfortunately without the support of the United States and, unfortunately, with the Soviet Union’s. This is the general impression at the moment in the United Nations, where a battle is being fought between the forces of freedom and a revived force under the aegis of Henry Cabot Lodge Jr, the leader of the US delegation, after his failure in the election for senator of Massachusetts. (…) On this dark day, when the great «democratic» powers decided to strike at the freedom of a European nation, Greek courage is waging a battle similar to that of October 28, 1940.