December 16, 1954

CYPRUS AND UN: United Nations – New York, 15 (From our correspondent A. Antonakakis) – Greece and the subjugated Cypriot people did not win a hoped-for UN General Assembly resolution on the implementation of the principles in the UN Founding Charter this year, but all is not lost. An amendment proposed by New Zealand and submitted by El Salvador and Colombia was adopted, providing for a postponement of a decision on Greece’s appeal. The decision is as follows: «The General Assembly, considering it would not be appropriate this year to adopt a resolution on the Cyprus question, has decided not to examine the issue, ‘Implementation by the United Nations of the principle of equality and self-determination of peoples in the case of the island of Cyprus,’ further.» The decision was passed by 49 votes, with 11 abstentions. Greece was among the countries who voted for it. Britain and Commonwealth countries (former British colonies) also voted in favor, as well as other countries. The Cypriot question remains open, although if it is to be raised again next year at the UN General Assembly, Greece will have to bring the matter up again.