December 18, 1954

YOUTH: Thessaloniki, 16 – Students in Thessaloniki staged a demonstration yesterday strongly protesting the Allies’ stance on the question of Cyprus. There were violent clashes with police and stones thrown at the American Library. The gendarmerie managed to avert an attack against the consulates of Britain, the US and Turkey. Thessaloniki’s senior police officials were replaced. All demonstrations on the Cyprus issue have been banned. DEMONSTRATIONS: Other protest rallies regarding the Cyprus issue were held in Achaia, Naoussa, Alexandroupolis, Drama, Xanthi, Rhodes, Hania and Volos. PAPALIGOURAS: Coordination Minister Mr Panayiotis Papaligouras announced yesterday in Parliament the main aspects of the government’s new economic program. The status of deregulated exports will be preserved as is. There will be a restructuring of the economy to achieve improvement. New factors to stabilize credit will be instituted to reorganize the money market and increase deposits at banks. Courageous measures to simplify taxation will be taken, along with a more even distribution of the tax burden and measures to benefit farmers, workers and civil servants.