December 21, 1954

KARAMANLIS: Argostoli, Cephalonia,18 – This morning, Minister for Transport and Public Works Mr Constantine Karamanlis, accompanied by Deputy Minister for Housing and Earthquake Victims Mr V. Paparrigopoulos and senior ministry officials, visited the town and port, and the quake-stricken settlements of Farao, Destouni and Balafa (…) Mr Karamanlis said the question of repairing the earthquake damage on the islands was characterized by considerable delays and confusion. In order to begin reconstruction in the spring, a service had to be set up that was capable of solving all current issues and keeping the situation under strict, continuous control. For that purpose, it would also be necessary to reorganize both the program and the budget for the quake-stricken islands. YOUTH: Thessaloniki, 16 – Students in Thessaloniki staged a demonstration yesterday, strongly protesting the Allies’ stance on the question of Cyprus. There were violent clashes with police and stones thrown at the American Library. The gendarmerie managed to avert an attack on the consulates of Britain, the USA and Turkey.