December 21, 1954

EXPLORERS: In Tourkolimano, two young prospective seamen, Constantine Kyriakidis and Georgios Kombas, both aged 16, were arrested while planning to invade the African jungle. (…). Three coast guard officers apprehended them on board the small motorboat Eleftheria that had long been abandoned. Among their effects was an old hunting rifle and 50 drams of gunpowder. The two youths told the authorities they had been planning to sail the boat to Africa to «conquer the jungle.» The boys, who hail from the western Athens district of Aegaleo, also had in their possession a book by Reginald Campbell, translated into Greek by S. Petritis, titled «Jungle Mutiny.» Their voyage had been postponed due to three days of rough seas that frightened the boys, who had no knowledge of sailing. They were charged by the Piraeus prosecutor with attempting to leave the country illegally and with illegal possession of a weapon. VOLOS WORKERS: The general assembly of the Volos union of textile workers yesterday submitted a protest resolution to the government, Parliament, political party leaders and the General Confederation of Greek Labor over their two years of unemployment.