December 24, 1954

ADMONITIONS BY GIORGOS THEOTOKAS: (Commentary in Kathimerini on rallies by youths and the church against the stance taken by the USA and Britain on Cyprus): «Many Greeks have been observing the development of our national issues in recent days with some trepidation (…). Take a look at a map of Europe: Would it be possible to maintain for 24 hours the freedom of Hellenism if not for the military might of the US and Britain? (…) The fanatical tone taken in Greek propaganda and the encouragement of street marches is a mistake. Does anyone seriously imagine that appeals to hatred and the defiling of foreign flags are likely to boost our international position? (…) Another serious mistake was the involvement of the university. (…) There is only one service that the university can provide the nation, that is to be a good university. (…) The intervention by the Church of Greece creates the impression of religious fanaticism. (…) If the church and academic leaders are struggling to destroy faith in our allies and in the ideological value systems of the West, where will the masses turn? A young person who stops believing in these values will eventually look toward Moscow.»