. ..These terrorists are not the innocent and oppressed victims of the Americans. They exemplify a completely different logic and culture which, in its extreme form, loathes the Western way of life and seeks to unmake it. Greece is now the most wealthy and democratic country in the Balkans because, after the end of the Second World War, it was fortunate enough to be on the side of the West. Thanks to the Western way of life we enjoy the present living standards – unlike the citizens in other countries of the region who after the collapse of the socialist regimes live in sordid poverty. No reasonable man believes that had we opted for the Soviet system of governance we would not have had the fate of the Bulgarians, the Romanians, the Albanians and the Yugoslavs… If we now enjoy high living standards, it is because we rejected all those systems which have been deified by the practitioners of international terrorism. And as Osama bin Laden admitted in his latest interview, terrorists try to impose these systems by destroying the structure of the Western liberal, democratic system. And, in this light, it would be paranoid and self-destructive to criticize the Americans and to display – even indirectly – any affinity for the terrorists who supposedly stand for the poor and oppressed.

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