January 18, 1955

PAPAGOS FORGETS: (From a commentary in Kathimerini) The government’s decision to release from prison all communist inmates not accused of criminal offenses originates in a policy of forgetting that had been announced by Prime Minister Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos before the elections in 1952. As long as the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) remains illegal, communism will continue to function by means of substitutes, with its own political structure and its own newspaper (The Avghi). It would be hiding its head in the sand if the government insisted on keeping in its prisons those communists not convicted of crimes, while tolerating the official political activity of the extreme left, irrespective of the mask it might be wearing – albeit a very transparent one. THE SCULPTOR KOULENTIANOS: (From a review by Angelos Prokopiou) «The abstract art of Costas Koulentianos does not overstep the bounds of visual representation to become decorative play with forms that are foreign to its nature (…).» MOUNTAIN POPULATIONS: Deputy Trade Minister Mr Taliadouros has said that consideration is being given to having the value of wheat credits to mountain populations paid in the form of labor.