January 19, 1955

AIR FORCE: (Parliamentary dispute between the leader of the Liberal party, George Papandreou, and Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Panayiotis Kanellopoulos): PAPANDREOU: «Who are those who have created the situation set out in the report by General Tsigounis, a report by a general whom has your absolute trust? The general writes: ‘It has been ascertained that in the air force most of the officers have split into two opposing groups in a way that every action on the part of the one group is misinterpreted by the other. There is no brotherly solidarity, concord, friendship or love between them, but only hostility, hatred and a tendency for the one side to annihilate the other. This is what we have achieved.’» KANELLOPOULOS: «I regret the continued divergence by the leader of the Liberals from the correct line. The reading of a secret document shows that the Liberal leader did not think before speaking. The existence of this dispute in the air force goes back a long way and intensified under a government of which he himself was not a member, but which was led by the party he now heads.»