January 20, 1955

CYPRIOT ARMED STRUGGLE: Nicosia, 18 – A secret newspaper today called on all Greeks in Cyprus to use the language of the Mau Mau (the African tribe that rose up against British colonialism) in the campaign to unite Cyprus with Greece. The newspaper Enosis (Union) said that the UN resolution postponing the resolution of the Cyprus issue was due to the lack of a dynamic campaign. The newspaper adds that people cannot gain their freedom without bloody struggles and sacrifices. «We have a duty,» it said, «to use the language that the colonial forces understand. The language of the Egyptian people, the Jews and the Mau Mau. The language of blood, sabotage and dynamite.» The newspaper bears as its emblem the slogan «Freedom or Death.» ATTLEE: London, 19 – The adviser to the ethnarch of Cyprus, Mr Rossidis, was received today by the leader of the British Labor Party, Mr Clement Attlee (…). Immediately after the meeting, Mr Rossidis said that he had been satisfied with the meeting and that he was convinced the British Labor Party favored a solution to the Cyprus issue through self-determination.