January 21, 1955

CONSTITUTION: It has been officially announced that the government (of Alexandros Papagos) is to concern itself today with the proposals of the Liberal leader Mr George Papandreou regarding certain amendments to the Constitution, which would establish that the electoral law just passed did not come into effect for the next election but for the one after that. He also proposed that the nomination of a new prime minister should be a condition for voting a government out of power. The government appeared to have reservations about Mr Papandreou’s proposals, although it admitted there was a need for amendments and additions to certain articles in the Constitution, given that the Greek Rally Party, even when in opposition, had supported such a move. It showed greater reservations regarding the proposal that Parliament nominate the new prime minister. MONTE CARLO RALLY: Eleven of the 15 cars that left Athens last Monday to take part in the International Rally reached the finish line without sustaining penalties yesterday afternoon after covering a total distance of 3,520 kilometers. The first Greeks to reach Monte Carlo were N. Papamichail and K. Nikolopoulos in a Fiat 1100.