January 25, 1955

SIMOS’S EXISTENTIALISTS: Officers from the Sixth Precinct of the Athens Security Police, headed by their chief, Mr Mathioudakis, raided an existentialists’ center known as the «Flying Barracks» at 19 Sarri St yesterday. It had reopened despite a court ruling dissolving the organization as it had diverged from its purpose. During the raid, the group was found to be in full swing. Among those arrested were the leader Simos Tsapnidis and members G. Daskalopoulo, P. Skaravourgias, V. Kanellopoulos, A. Kalfageorgis, I. Poltoglou and V. Pantzaris. Accompanied by their lawyers, P. Loukatos and K. Kiourtsoglou, the accused appeared before the criminal prosecutor Mr Tzavellas. CONVICTION: An Athens court has convicted the existentialists arrested a few days ago (…). Each of the accused has been sentenced to 35 days’ imprisonment which can be bought off for 100 drachmas per day. The accused lodged appeals and were released. GEORGIOS I. RALLIS: Minister to the Prime Minister Georgios Rallis announced an important tourism development program for Greece yesterday. The Tourism Organization has been added to the Ministry to the Prime Minister to give a decisive boost to a huge sector of national activity.