January 26, 1955

PARLIAMENT PANDEMONIUM: During yesterday’s session of Parliament, (…) Mr Stelios Allamanis said the following: «(…) Our allies, noting the mistakes and excesses that occurred to an almost criminal extent during the Decembrist movement, have not neglected to recognize the services to Greece provided by the National Liberation Front (EAM) during the war against the enemy.» Allamanis’s statement led to pandemonium in the House. Kilkis deputy C. Papadopoulos ran up to the podium, grabbed Mr Allamanis by the hair, shouting, «Traitor, they killed my father!» Parliament Speaker Constantine Rodopoulos intervened immediately (…) and along with the deputy interior minister, Mr Evangelos Lakantzis, deputies and the parliamentary guard (…) managed to separate the men. (…) (In a statement on behalf of the Centrist parties) Mr George Papandreou asked the Presidium to punish the perpetrators. (…) After the session, Mr Rodopoulos said: «I am very angry (…) for you are aware of my faith in the parliamentary system. The podium in Parliament is free (…) and sacred (…). I call (Papadopoulos) to order and command this be published in the Government Gazette and posted in all villages in the deputy’s electoral region.»