January 28, 1955

SOCRATES LOIZIDIS: London, 27 – The British administration in Cyprus has issued a lengthy statement alleging that a mysterious patriotic group based in Greece has brought weapons and ammunition to Cyprus on the Greek motorboat Aghios Georgios, which has been seized. The arrested crew members are Christodoulos Penaris, Costas Leonidas, Nikolas Pentaris, Michail Papantoniou, Christakis Nikolaou, Kyriakos Mavronikolas, Nikolaos Mavronikolas and Socrates Loizidis. Loizidis, the ethnarch’s adviser in Greece, is the brother of fellow adviser to the ethnarch and expert on the Cyprus issue at the UN Savvas Loizidis. Socrates Loizidis also has had long experience in the Cyprus struggle. (…) The British expelled him from Cyprus in 1950 for his activities in favor of union with Greece. (…) One of his brothers was killed by the British during the Cyprus movement of 1931. JEAN GRENIER: The French philosopher Jean Grenier, author of works including the «Essai sur l’esprit d’Orthodoxie,» arrived in Athens yesterday to give two lectures. (Ed. note: The essay referred to Orthodoxy in general and not Christian Orthodoxy.)