February 3, 1955

STATE ECONOMIC ACTION: The ministers of coordination, Mr Papaligouras, and of industry, Mr Protopapadakis, (…) yesterday released the details of a decision to construct a petroleum refinery in Greece. The factory, which will go into operation in two years’ time will ensure the supply of the country’s fuel needs at prices lower than those on the international market but not inferior in quality. There will also be offset benefits in the form of foreign exchange for the budget and many jobs, as well as opportunities for setting up industries for the manufacture of by-products. For this reason, there will no longer be a monopoly on imported crude oil or in liquid fuels. CONSTANTINE KARAMANLIS: Kozani, 31 – Yesterday, the official opening of the new railway line from Amyntaio to Ptolemaida and Kozani was opened by the minister for public works and transport, Mr Constantine Karamanlis. In an inspired speech, (…) he said that the Papagos government was already carrying out a wide program of reconstruction projects throughout the country.