Is digital telecoms technology the key to progress in the Greek labor market?

Your editorial on January 24 («Delayed explosion»), regarding the distribution of professions in Greece, made some very important points. But blaming the government for lack of planning is fruitless. Governments can only plan as far as the next election. Any long-term planning must come from outside and then action can be demanded from the government. Which brings me to the lack of digital subscriber line (DSL) technology in Greece. DSL is the cornerstone of any society that wants to advance in the global marketplace and to keep its population reasonably spaced out. Give us DSL and we can market to Germany and Thailand while living in Itea and Lindos. We can’t control our destiny in the 21st century with Stone Age tools. But if we don’t demand it, don’t expect the government to see that far ahead. It’s not in their nature. TERRY STONE, Galaxidi.