February 9, 1955

COST OF BRITISH OCCUPATION: It has been announced that the British government has made a friendly demarche to the Greek government requesting the cost of the British troops’ occupation of the Dodecanese islands between the abolition of the Italian authority there until the islands’ incorporation into Greece. Britain proposes that this demand be canceled out by its debt to private individuals in the Dodecanese sustained during its occupation of the islands. SPYROS MARINATOS: Mr Spyros Marinatos has assumed his duties as director of archaeology at the Education Ministry. TASSOS LEIVADITIS: An Athens appeals court has acquitted Tassos Leivaditis, who is the author and publisher of the collection of poems «The Wind is Blowing at the Crossroads» (Ed. note: The current title is «The Wind is Blowing at the Crossroads of the World») and A. Pangalos, translator and publisher of Stalin’s book «Economic Problems of Socialism in the USSR,» all of whom had been accused of high treason and of violating Law 509. The prosecutor had called for the acquittal of the accused.