February 14, 1955

PAPAGOS INTERVIEW: Kathimerini journalist Mr T. Papayiannopoulos asked the prime minister, Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos, a few questions on issues that have been the focus of political and press interest recently. The prime minister kindly replied to the questions as follows: Q: Your rivals are making continual reference to «sinister forces» and a dictatorship. Your response? A: They are not wrong. The fact is that the «sinister forces» exist and are at work. We know who they are. They do not daunt us. Are they not sinister, those forces that have set off a slanderous campaign against the government? Are they not sinister those forces that have tricked some of our rivals into becoming pawns of Greece’s suspected would-be enemies? Q: And a dictatorship? A: I wish for only one dictatorship in Greece: that of the people, of democratic institutions, of equality before the law, of true freedom. The dictatorship of the moral forces of the nation, that is, a true democracy in form and content, one that expresses the desires of the people and the destiny of the nation.