April 13-16, 1955

FDE PARTY: Mr Sophocles Venizelos yesterday announced the foundation of a new political party, the Liberal Democratic Union (FDE), which is expected to have a force of 26 deputies in Parliament. The leader of the Liberal Party, Mr George Papandreou, accused Mr Venizelos of backing down on promises. NO REFERENDUM: Istanbul, 15 – The president of the Turkish party in Cyprus, Mr Alil Kucuk, who arrived in Ankara from Cyprus, has said that if a referendum was held on the island the Greeks would achieve their aim of union with Greece and would leave the Turks there facing a life or death situation. «That is why I have come to Ankara to ask the Turkish government to take diplomatic action and to give guarantees.» INDEPENDENT AUSTRIA: Paris, 14 – According to telegrams from Moscow, talks have ended there between the USSR’s Foreign Minister V.M. Molotov and Austrian Chancellor Julius Raab on drafting a peace treaty with Austria. The Soviet Union has recognized that Austria can be declared an independent state. The two men reached an accord on the drafting of a treaty to put an end to the occupation of Austrian territory by the four powers (the USA, USSR, Great Britain and France).