May 3, 1955

CYPRIOT STRUGGLE: London, 2 – There were three main events on the Cypriot issue today. First, Scotland Yard’s search for the members of an organization sending arms and supplies from Spain to Cyprus on Greek ships has not found anything suspicious among Cypriot circles in London. Second, there was again a debate in the House of Commons on the broadcasts to Cyprus from Athens radio. Third, there was the trial in Paphos of 13 Greeks and Cypriots charged by the British authorities with transporting weapons and explosive materials on board the ship Aghios Georgios. CACOYANNIS’S ‘STELLA’: Cannes – (From our correspondent Rosita Sokou) It appears that this time we have won the battle. I do not know if we will have won a prize by the end of the festival, but the fact is that today everyone is talking about «Stella.» About the movie «Stella,» about Michael Cacoyannis, about Melina, about Foundas, about bouzouki music. The Greek film is the talk of the town. WOMEN JURORS: Yesterday’s start of the Athens criminal court session was cause for celebration, as it was the first time women were included among the jurors.